Living near rice paddies

Cobras move silently along the canal waterways that girdle rice paddies in South Eastern Asia. They have few enemies to fear.  Their favorite prey are serpents of smaller species.  Paddy rice farmers are amongst their feared enemies.


The King Cobra moved swiftly, sensing danger. 7  p.m. in the paddies, people still in the fields.It was early for her, moving at this time brings its risk. Hunger, the prime reason, looking for its smaller relatives.

When the eyes of the local inhabitants locate her, the drama has begun.Within a flash of a second, its head erect, the neck inflated, threatening with a hissing sound she indicates her aggressiveness and danger.

For a Cobra that is hungry is also dangerous, her poison sac full with deadly venom. The potency of a ‘ King ‘s’ bite can take out 7000 rabbits at one go. Not to be taken as a joke if your are the unlucky victim that gets bitten.

Within seconds the locals have surrounded her, sticks and machetes ready.

Her fate is sealed, 2.7 meters of tempting snake flesh is a treat no one will miss in these parts of the world.


Cobra skin


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