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“Where does the over-prudent dog bury its bones in the endless sand ?”

Facebook – Networked Blogs

We have been posting on Networked Blogs for over a year now. These are some of my observations :

  1. Networked Blogs and friendship with other bloggers : A number of bloggers are real pals and understand each other and relate to their requests for following their blogs. I will recommend some of those I found to be compassionate bloggers later.
  2. Some are tough notch self centered bloggers who don’t have ‘time’ to waste on their fellow members. Whilst we can understand that may have little time to waste, a nice word here and there, some reaction on posts, replies, comments will make a huge difference.
  3. We understand each bloggers needs for recognition. Some have little clue of how to post, say a widget, even a link, and simply post : please follow me. A word of advice here. Because a blogger has little time, he can’t keep looking for your URL. Please post your URL clearly for him/her to see and follow the link.
  4. Too many links to follow. This is absolutely irritating. 1 or maximum 2 is sufficient. Don’t confuse the poor overworked blogger who spent hours to get his sites on the web with unnecessary requests. Better, if you have more than one blog, post them in consecutive posts on different days.
  5. Comment on each others networked blogs. It will encourage the other blogger to do same on yours. The ‘blogosphere’ will be a different one.
  6. give *****  stars -  Endeavor to vote with stars, also to help the other blogger, who in return will attempt to do same, either on your blog – or with others.
  7. Vote – Vote more. Sometimes I see posts without vote, this is utterly disappointing. Be a pal, vote and encourage other bloggers. They will return the favor. Plus, votes will be seen by many bloggers and will increase interest and coverage of your own page.
  8. Conduct – Although I never met abusive comments, etc. I should point out that these are counterproductive.
  9. Twitter is a good place to post your link keep on tweeting and use #hashtags : #networkedblogs for the twitter community to see you are on Networkedblogs
  10. Post your Networkedblog link on your Facebook groups, Fan pages, and repeat the same on all your Facebook published pages, notes, etc.
  11. Return often. Return to your Networked Blog, and post comments, interact with friends. Change your profile image now and then, once a month should suffice.
  12. Invite your friends – Your Facebook friends are not all your real friends. Out of 100 – only  2-3 % will actually oblige and follow you. This has a psychological background. Your friend are ‘jealous’ to follow you. Why do I have to support him or her (except for lovers, or true, close friends) , no one will. They don’t give a hoot in real terms. Still, some will follow, and how you put it to them makes the different.
  13. when inviting your ‘friends’ on Facebook, add a message. Post a message that inspires them to follow. Something that sounds convincing. You will find some phrase or wording, think over it.
  14. Post links on your website
  15. Persistance – keep on posting on your main Blog. Add Youtube Videos if you can.
  16. Prepare a podcast on Youtube. If you are good at it, you will gain more followers. Speak convincing, slow and understandable. (Not everyone is Richard Quest for this matter)
  17. Use the Facebook Chat . Chat with other friends and ask them politely if they could ‘LIKE’ or follow your Networked blog. Chance are they will. Depending on their mood, and your request. Try it.
  18. Don’t use TAGS on other facebook friends, UNLESS you really know them well enough. Remember, most ‘friends’ only follow you to increase their own friends and have no common interest with you.

END OF PART 1 – will post more later

Networked Blogs
Networked Blogs

Quieter days Thailand

Blogging Thailand : Blues band ‘MV blues’

Living near rice paddies

Cobras move silently along the canal waterways that girdle rice paddies in South Eastern Asia. They have few enemies to fear.  Their favorite prey are serpents of smaller species.  Paddy rice farmers are amongst their feared enemies.


The King Cobra moved swiftly, sensing danger. 7  p.m. in the paddies, people still in the fields.It was early for her, moving at this time brings its risk. Hunger, the prime reason, looking for its smaller relatives.

When the eyes of the local inhabitants locate her, the drama has begun.Within a flash of a second, its head erect, the neck inflated, threatening with a hissing sound she indicates her aggressiveness and danger.

For a Cobra that is hungry is also dangerous, her poison sac full with deadly venom. The potency of a ‘ King ‘s’ bite can take out 7000 rabbits at one go. Not to be taken as a joke if your are the unlucky victim that gets bitten.

Within seconds the locals have surrounded her, sticks and machetes ready.

Her fate is sealed, 2.7 meters of tempting snake flesh is a treat no one will miss in these parts of the world.


Cobra skin


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Hackers – topic on amplify

Double posting on on same issue of hackers.


Bloggers hackers frustrations have you been victim of attacks ? *