All out Bahrain

Bahrain where it all started

Interested parties to take note my first overseas trip was to Bahrain followed to Bangkok back in the seventies.

This memory came alive on my last visit in 2016.

Pleasant as their praised hospitality – Bahrain has its charm left.

Old Souq has been reverbished and modernized, but for those who love nostalgia there is lots and lots available.

Care for a cup Arabic coffee? You got it. Or the chai from a typical Indian Restaurant.

In fact the Indian eateries in town are my weakness. Nowhere but here can I indulge as much in Chapatis and Rotis or Nans and the much more delicious Masalla Sauces as here ( apart from India of course ).

Indias cuisine is my weak point, ever since my old ex partner Don ( bless him ) introduced me to the delicacies of Indian food in Mumbai.

So many outlets they are hard to take count of : Sangeetha being only one of them.

Insider tips are available upon request.

So this is where I will spend my holidays until 2017 god willing or inshallah as it is known in these parts of the world.

Request the pleasure of your company

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