Rocks In Chinese Gardens

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Every Chinese garden has some type of rock element. Some designers opt for a simple rock garden, while others construct miniature mountains from an assorted collection of rocks.

This is  a view of the layered rocks by the side of a lake in the garden of Xian Shan in Beijing, China.  This conveys a sense of tranquility.DSCF2767

Rocks are chosen based on their shape, texture, substance, color and softness.

Limestone rocks that have taken strange shapes due to erosion are among the most valued rocks for Chinese gardeners. Some rocks are deliberately immersed in fast running streams so that they are scoured for the effects.

Here is a view of a Chinese garden in Wuhan. Within the lake, there are strange shaped rocks artistically arranged.DSCF6093

Shown in more details are some rocks, on a larger scale, near a stone bridge in the same garden.DSCF6123

Similarly, on the next image, are highly eroded…

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