Everybody was Kung Fu fighting ..

Chinese Kung fu (ancient chinese martial arts) | life passion art adventurelife passion art adventure

Everybody was Kung fu fighting ..

Remember the song in the 70 ‘s  ? Most of wordpress users won’t know what I’m talking about I guess.

check out the song on youtube :



Chinese Kung fu (ancient chinese martial arts)


Chinese Kungfu comes in various forms

Wushu, a traditional Chinese martial art, has been an art in China for thousands of years. (Shaolin Kung fu)

The Chinese Wushu Association created a new system in 2011, (Chinese Wushu Duanwei System), a hierarchical system that evaluates practitioners’ qualifications, combat skills, theoretical knowledge and martial morality, (which represents a fundamental change over the traditional system) has effectively provided unified access and understandable education to learners, according to a development report released by the association on Tuesday. ( similar to modern Taekwondo – Korean martial arts which was developed from chinese kung fu)



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