Even the online ad industry is outraged at PRISM and Tempora. But why?

Outraged at PRISM and TEMPORA
Great article written by David Meyer.


The latest twist in the popcorn-worthy Edward Snowden saga is his revelation that the United States has been spying on European Union institutions, and the Germans in particular. This time his claims came out through Der Spiegel, and the reaction has been swift and potentially severe.

So now we have Germany raising the specter of the Cold War and France warning of the possible collapse of major trade talks between Europe and the U.S. Even though there is almost certainly a lot of hypocrisy flying around — Wikileaks told us in 2011 of tight and questionable intelligence cooperation between the U.S. and both Germany and France — growing European condemnation of online surveillance activities is certain to have some kind of fallout.

As we have previously suggested, this fallout could well manifest itself in Europe’s new data protection regulation, which is currently being formulated. For a flavor…

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