Salzburg – ian – days beyond Christmas

Plans were long laid out. We opted to spend Christmas in Salzburg rather than on the warmer Cote D’ Azur. This is how we ended up. Christmas – part on the Cote, part in Austria. And it wasn’t Salzburg at first. ( ) and Austria county Vorarlberg ( )

With Christmas over everyone found his way back to base in southern France. New Year spent in the south Of France was great amongst family.

My daily walks to the old city of Nice were invigorating, 11 km and some tough stairs to Nice castle were the right thing to do.

Sunshine almost daily, the cote was bearable. People started to walk on La promenade des anglais as if it was summer. Short sleeves and shorts were the norm.


Almost looked like in summer ( not that I am unfamiliar with the Cote in Winter season ).


Beautiful views await one when climbing up the steps leading to the castle.

Cont. :  SALZBURG – ian – days beyond Christmas



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