Heinz Rainer – sometimes – the truth must be told : Tanzania poachers

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Brutal poachers lay out traps and snares in the Tanzanian bush. The unfortunate lion that is caught in the trap will suffer an agonizing death. The picture below speaks volumes.

We can not stop such scenes as long as we sit back on our chairs and watch things like this to happen. Why isn’t any government interested in wildlife protection – seriously, because they won’t gain from it – except trouble.

Governments have different agendas, wild life protection is not one of them.

Let us write to our political leaders to mention our concerns and I am sure some body will hear it and take some action – sometime hopefully soon.

I apologize for the gravity of this picture, but this is the only way to make people understand that there is a serious problem.

Heinz Rainer – Google+ – sometimes – the truth must be told : #tanzania poachers are on the rampage

Pictures :  africasiaeuro.com/wordpress

starved and wounded Tanzanian lion

starved and wounded Tanzanian lion

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Let the world know

Only graphic display such as these can make an impact. Why doesn’t President Obama intervene here ?


5 thoughts on “Heinz Rainer – sometimes – the truth must be told : Tanzania poachers

  1. Wow. That is such a moving photo. It’s terrible to think that someone would do that to these amazing animals. So much needs to change for people not to view animals as products to be bought and sold.

    I’d love to go back to Tanzania one day. The time I spent in the Ngorongoro Crater was magical. It was like a modern Garden of Eden!

    I’m actually up for a possible trip back thru Conde Nast, in a photo contest, of a photo I took in the Crater. If you have two seconds to check it out here or even vote for my photo, that’d be awesome. Thanks a million to a fellow lover of Tanzania!


      • Thank YOU for bringing it to my attention. So many social problems, sometimes the plight of the creatures unable to speak for themselves goes unnoticed…

        If you have 2 secs, could you leave a comment on my photo? Trying to get some of my fellow bloggers involved, especially the ones who have an interest in Africa! Thanks so much!

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