Mr. Thailand – Bangkok ‘s iconic citizen

This is Mr. Thailand. You can see him every night on busy Khaosarn Road. Let him take you for a ride around Banglampoo district. Guess you won’t need to look for a better guide.

simply wordpressed


One thought on “Mr. Thailand – Bangkok ‘s iconic citizen

  1. Mr. Thailand truly represents an icon of his home city Bangkok. Visit busy Khaosarn Road in the evening and you will see him approach between the narrow lanes of Soi Rambutri. His luxury fitted Rickshaw flashing with LED ‘s all over, neatly covered seats to relax, personal stereo buzzing around, featuring Thai songs and traditional music. An amazing figure in Khaosarn Road. He even poses for a quick shot if you ask him. A view one should not miss when in the capital.
    Reward him with a hundred Baht note for his great job in promoting his home city and nation.
    simply wordpressed

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