Not always do I write about my home

Mostly, we blog about strange countries, events, travel destinations.

This time however, I spent a number of days in recognition of my home town, which is a beauty in itself. What I meant is the natural and clean environment, the wonders of nature, the fresh air and clean water springs. You can still drink fresh water from the mountain springs, a thing we can not take for granted everywhere.

We roamed the mountains when we were young, climbed the steep hills as if we were goats. Always ready for a new adventure on the ‘Schass’ the home mountain, with a hanging rock wall of over 80 m in height stretching right in front of our windows.
Austria – Images by Heinz Rainer

In summer we combed the many fruit orchards for fresh plums, cherries, early ‘Clara’ apples, wild strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, goose berries, plums, apricots, prunes. Autumn brought us pears, more apples, the ‘Gravensteiner’ apple, a delicacy one can not find in modern day supermarkets.

Days have long passed. We have all spread out into the world. But what remained is our longing for the childhood days, and we all shall go back one day. No matter how long you spent in China, Thailand, Africa, and other exotic places, the home air is still fresh, the water still clean, even after such a long time.

Though my insignia in the Chinese temple in the middle of Jiangxi province will be seen by generations in the future, we must not forget where home is.

As a result, I spent a little more time in recognition to our home town and hope to do so in the future. Our website throws a little light on history, culture and beauty. With every new page we shall cover some lost ground.

It would be nice to see you there, following our footsteps, when we return once again to Bludenz, pearl of the Alps.

Photography :  Twitpic Bludenz


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