King Cobra pet

What would you say if you heard that a King Cobra can be patted like a pet cat and she won’t bite, she remains calm in fact …

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Like a flash appeared the head of a King Cobra, her neck bloated, showing her aggressiveness. Unlike the other Cobras I had saw, this one did not hiss though. Instead the warden reached into the box, and lifted her whole body up, carrying her to the moat that circled the Terrarium. Once there, he lowered the snake into the moat and the snake swam, like a fish in the water, one could see that she enjoyed the bath tremendously.

In particular, one warden impressed me. This person remained in my memory for unknown reason.

Within the large Terrarium where countless Cobras were kept, most of them coiled up in round clay pots as their home. When he reached a straw covered, 4 feet high, 4 feet wide wooden box, he lifted the cover after removing a lock.




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