Twitwall another fine page

Twitwall is another fine app #twitter Twitwall  visible – via @aheneghana

Italy  Austria Padua Nice (France) Green tea Asia
Flora Africa Venice African blossoms Europe Orchids
Hong Kong Germany Shanghai Photo Selection Tibet China
Fruits and greens Kaifeng (China) Buddhist Temples

Potala Palace Tibet

The Coup

Ivory Coast Selingui, Mali Mandiana Customs
Man of steel Mills of justice Night in the bush
The Verdict Tibet – dusk to dawn Dangerous roads,
the rain forest is unforgivable
Between realism and
fiction, Dege
Bangkok, always
worth a journey
Alarm on Pyla
Everready on Pyla
Freetown – room
with a view
Lychees, Longans
and Pagodas
Encounter at dusk Meeting in a no
The longest march
Train crossing in
Kanpur, U.P.
The great hunter Train crossing in
Kanpur, U.P.
L’Aude,  time in history
Dec 31st in charge Laos – old kingdom
Mandiana –
Chateaux St. Sabine Tea classics
Beyla, to Guinea


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