Africasiaeuro – fruits processing, textiles, renewable energy

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Africasiaeuro not only writes blogs, we also advice on industries and prepare turn key projects.

Our scope is  Textiles, Fruit pulp, fruit juice and – concentrates, Biomass Machinery, Utility vehicles,  and comprises the full range of equipment.

We set up complete turn key project, a job which we have done for over thirty years.

We list some of our equipment on our website africasiaeuro.

Blogging is our hobby, Project development is our activity.

Excerpt from our Homepage :

Africasiaeuro Ltd. specializes in  turn-key projects, fruit and vegetable juice machinery, beverage machinery, fruit and vegetable concentrated juice, fruit paste, tea drinks, fruit powder ( tomato powder, banana powder, mango powder, medlar powder), milk powder, powder for pharmaceutical industry, preserved and pickled vegetables and dairy equipments. The company can also provide high quality and high level food industry equipments.
Read more : HERE


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