Hongjintian – miracle herb

Six common medicinal herbs in Tibet according ...

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In our relentless efforts to find Tibetan herbs, we were introduced to one magnificent herb known to Tibetan practitioners.

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The Chinese term is (translated) “Red view of heaven”.

Mr. Chen is senior biologist specializing on Tibetan herbal medicines.

My visits to China are incomplete without a visit to his lab.

One of his secrets revealed to me is Hongjintian

Red view of Heaven, Hongjintian:

The dry rhizome of the department perennial herb Rhokiola rosea L. of red-spotted stonecrop, the perennial stem is extended on the ground, can reach 50cm , thick about 1-1.5cm; Leaf intergrowth, wrap the needle shape linear and long and round or linear. The rachis was born in the top of the perennial stem , could reach 20cm long, the petal was red. six – eight of florescence.

Physical properties:
fragrant and sweet , flavor bitterness Brown or reddish brown meticulous powder

Specification:5% 20%

Test method : HPLC


Immunity enhancer, improves general health, improves human body‘s hematopoietic function,  slows aging process, anti tumor characteristic, resisting fatigue , lower blood glucose, antiviral, resist and radiate , used effectively in altitude sickness.


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