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Tibetan Detox myth busted ?

Not so according to Chen. He swallows daily 2 x 2 detox sachets which he says are the secret to his astounding health. (found him in winter wearing T shirts, whilst we all were coughing and sneezing) Pai Du Cha toxin dispelling tea  boosts the immune system.
Pai du Cha has a pleasantly bitter sweet taste, acquired from its ingredients which consist of 3 basic herbs, as well as some secret herbal formulas. (As I write to you, I consumed one sachet as my daily practice).
This toxin dispelling formula tea is not commonly found. Its ingredients are rare, and expensive. (They contain  wild grown Cordyceps, which can cost up to 10000 U.S.$ a pound.) Cordyceps is one of the rarest plants, ususally found in regions above 4000 m altitude.
Detox tea

Detox tea

I have been told, that to find 1 single Cordyceps root Tibetans can search a full day without success. No wonder it has such price tag attached. However, we found people who were willing to sell this precious root.
There prices vary, but usually are steeper than directly sold by mountain dwellers.
As Chen is a food scientist for over 40 years who studied Tibetan herbs, he should know. Consuming 3-4 packets a day on a regular base, his health does not imply he is wrong.

Africasiaeuro tea  – more health less myths.

Prepare for #tea times ahead.

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