Stevia vs. white, pure, refined sugar

We don’t sell, trade, or have any connection with the product mentioned hereunder except that I mentioned this as far back as 2007.

We wrote about Stevia as far back as in 2007

Stevia rebaudiana flowers

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Many Diabetes sufferers would have benefited from this brief article. As in so many cases we need too long to contemplate, and we are easily influenced by mass media and wrong public opinion, as a result we are unable to make our own decision as to what is is good and what is not for our health.

All we want to do is to draw attention on the fact that we proclaimed as far back as 2007, by then it had already been known a fact.

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comment on Care 2 made :

Your article is valuable, but comes late for many people to understand. Very few have a clue of how white sugar, or white salt for that matter is being produced.
In simple terms, brown sugar does not look appealing to the consumer. So we need to ‘wash’ it so called refining. The process that involves ‘refining’ can be found in numerous publications. In order to obtain the pure white colors, one needs to wash the brown, murky, unappetizing appearance with a substance that removes the natural colorant. This substance is the culprit.
The phosphatation uses phosphoric acid, lime(as lime sucrete to increase solubility), and polyacrylamide flocculent to produce a calcium phosphate floc. Air flotation is usually used to seperate the floc from the liquor and the floc skimmed from the liquor surface. ”
The insuline producing organ of our body is the pancreas. By ingesting the chemicals left (even traces in minor amounts, recommended by the Food and Drugs Admin) we gradually destroy our most important organ. The pancreas, once it is destroyed, can not recuperate as in the case of liver cells, etc. It will not be able to continue to produce insulin. Once this process has started, the outcome is known.
My only thoughts for the Millions of sufferers, who were unfortunate not to know. You have been told.
This post should not be censored.


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