Kaifeng, Chinese city of art

④ Zhuxianzhen Board Pictures
Chinese woodblock New Year pictures, from Kaifeng, was formed about two years under construction in the Tang Dynasty (781 years) re-build Bianzhou city.

After the Northern Song Dynasty, Bianjing business withered away. Early as the provisional capital of the Ming Dynasty Kaifeng, Henan Province, after the capital of the manor Zhou Wang, revived it once again.

Zhuxianzhen Yin Gulu River flow renewed prosperity, the two pictures industry is once again prosper. A writer of Ming Dynasty Kaifeng’s “dream record” record, both within and outside the city of Kaifeng, “paper horses shop” can be seen everywhere throughout the city.

From ancient times, woodblock ‘s New Year pictures in close proximity (only 22 kilometers), have been traveling between Kaifeng and Zhuxianzhen in exchange. Before the 1938 Japanese invasion of Zhuxianzhen, most New Year workshops moved to Kaifeng. Kaifeng pictures were more than 60 workshops, prior to 1949, annual sales of the big city there are more than 20 shops, numerous small workshops. Kaifeng, the old shop, when Zhuxian moved to the shop, and later were used “Zhuxianzhen woodblock New Year,” the name.

Mr. Lu commented: “The board pictures of Zhuxianzhen ‘s good health feature strong coarse lines of engraving, printing and other different places,but  not the delicate carving. The wood is very simple, not coated with powder, the characters do not display obsequiousness, its color is thick, with local flavor, with the unique characteristics of the North board pictures. “Since the reign of Emperor Qianlong of Qing Dynasty, Wood Drawings of Zhuxianzhen spread abroad.


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