Oilspill disaster and associated hazards

At the start of the oil spill cleaning-up campaign I questioned the level of protection for oilspill workers and volunteers, operating in an extremely hazardous working environment.

Increasing by the minute, humans are exposed to toxic vapors (benzines, lighter Hydrocarbons), the risk factor for suffering irrepairable damage to organs becomes greater.

My first thought was : Where are your protective masks ? to those strolling the beaches in search of visible HC ‘s (tar, etc).

Those on sea, cleaning the slick are no less endangered. Evaporating from under the sea ‘s surface, the lighter Molecular HC’s will cover the water surface and the unfortunate will inhale it invariably, at a tremendous health cost.

More can be read in the clip below. Dhas already been done by the time the nauseous visit the doctor. His bloodstream has become contaminated, the effects of HC toxins have become apparent.

In the final analysis, no worker should have entered the danger zone without activated carbon masks, just as in case of chemical pollution. Why they were not handed out immediately is a question that those responsible for cleaning up OP will have to answer at some stage, be it now or later.

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