You want to tweet like a pro …

A : You need to tweet with those who matter on Twitter | 

#ATVP has members with up to 5000000 individual Followers |

General rules :

1. Those are pros and there tweets are right to the point.
2. No spamming
3. Professionals block you if you @ them without making a point
4. No trivial subjects
5. Be yourself, post what matters, (not : my kitchen was messy, got up late today, etc…)
6. Chose interesting links to add
7. If you chose to tweet to a certain geographic area, use #hashtags
8. Don’t repeat your post within the hour
9. Follow #ATVP list to learn from great Twitter Pros :
10. add yourself on TAGAL.US
11. add yourself on WTHASHTAG
12. add yourself on TWUBS
13. Get published (depending on criteria)

We publish our members lists : #ATVP

Heinz Rainer


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