AIRASIA SUCKS major style

We flew AIRASIA in Nov 2008 from Macau to Bangkok.
During the demonstrations in Dec 2008 were held up
could not fly out of Thailand.

AIRASIA.COM simply closed their offices, as there were many
angry customers.

From a close Thai friend I know the Managing Director of ThaiAirasia
prefered to spend his time in his resort in Khao Yai.

She even spoke to him asking him who to contact at his offices
in Bangkok.

To no avail. All numbers were not responding, we held on for
hours and hours.

THAI TOURIST ORGANIZATION officials were trying to call.

Airasia’s offices had moved, noone was sure where exactly they were located.

Thousands of Baht spent by cab to find them. Again, all proved futile.
Emails were NOT answered, till today no email had been sent.

Although their system allocated an official complaint Nr., we never heard
one word from them.

Our money is stuck with them, our time has been wasted.

After one week left Bangkok on 5th Dec. via land route to China,
thereby occuring substantial additional expenses.

Now we are taking this matter to the web, hoping other passengers
will come forward who faced the same problem with AIRASIA.

This Airline is a junk Airline.

The fact that we were insured for Travel delays, cancellations,
does not have any effect.

Pushed from a Malaysian telephone center back to the
Thai offices of AIRASIA, the rest is known.

Get us our rights, AIRASIA.


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