A Garden of Eden

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The Garden of Eden

In the coming months I hope to publish many reports  about  the ‘Garden Of Eden’
A tropical sanctuary for plants and animals with an amazing array of foliage, never seen before.
It contains thousands of plants used by traditional healers and doctors alike, to manage all kinds of diseases,
including cancer and coronary heart disease.
This is one of the pictures and many more will follow soon, as soon as I am sorting out the thousand
or so shots I took whilst staying in this retreat.

The city of Menglun is located close to the border with Laos. It hosts the largest Botanical Garden in China.
Perhaps good so, this magnificent Park stretched over square miles of Tropical forest is a sanctuary for people
who can appreciate nature.

The access isn’t as easy, it takes 3 hours to reach from the next large town. We crossed a large tow bridge suspended over a tributary of the giant ‘Mekong river’, steel trusses and cables seemed pre-Mao aged, we nevertheless covered the 300 meters without incident.

Tucked in between the rain forest, the bamboo forest, with its numerous varieties of Bamboo, I observed about 20 species. There might be more, but I was satisfied with what I saw.

The hotel lies adjacent to a lake, surrounded by blossoming red Lotus. For romance lovers this should be it. You cant get more privacy and romantic views than here.

Imagine the mornings, the shouts of myriads of different birds echoing through the forest, interrupted by the loud
cry of a white faced Gibbon. Astonishing in every sense – this garden made me feel relaxed, every step was a pleasure.

I was mesmerized by the sheer beauty, the variety of fruit trees. We saw Pomelos, huge white and pink (and I admit I could not resist them), Pink Guavas, Passion Fruits, Bananas of all sizes and shapes, Coconuts, Starfruits, Mangoes all varieties, Hagan, Kate, Jaffna, it was amazing.

One of the most interesting plants was the southern Draconia, the ‘Dragon blood’ plant, much cherished in CTM and TTM (Chinese, Tibetan Traditional Medicine). It will cure numerous diseases, including serious internal injuries.

One can or not believe it, I am a profound fan of CTM and TTM and I bought some of the packet from the Traditional Hospital.

I also write occasionally in the stumbleupon blog.

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To be continued….


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