STEVIA vs. white, refined sugar

Stevia rebaudiana, cultivated under glass in D...

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We don’t sell, trade, or have any connection with the product mentioned hereunder except that I mentioned this as far back as 2007. Many Diabetes sufferers would have benefited from this brief article. As in so many cases we need too long to contemplate, and we are easily influenced by mass media and wrong public opinion, as a result we are unable to make our own decision as to what is is good and what is not for our health.
Stevia, for many of us an unheard word, yet this plant could solve the problems of millions of people.
To eliminate the risk of  Diabetes, we substitute sugar with Stevia.

A natural sweetener which of course is being blocked by the Sugar industry.

The Fed won’t give a green light, they prefer to issue hundreds of millions on diabetic



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