Journey to the unknown.. Ghana, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso….

Woman in Abidjan, Ivory Coast

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Danane, Ivory Coast

… last stop Danane.  (see : Danane rebels, BBC world report 2002) 

 We stay over for the night. The Hotel is from colonial times, in midst of giant Acacia trees, surrounded by a tropical garden.
The evening is quiet except for the sound of cicadas.

Never seen a tranquil place like this.

Morning brings us to the lush Orchid garden, surrounded by a mosaic clad pool. A wonder in a no-mans land.

A culinary surprise awaits us when we enter the breakfast room.

Croissants that could compete with the world’s best, freshly baked by the old resident Pattissier who has seen history. He was trained by the French Masters and keeps up the tradition, long after his masters have left.

The Liberian rebels training camp is located a few miles from where we are. We don’t feel the tension that surrounds this tranquil oasis of peace.

It is here where Charles Taylor  had been re-located, financed, equipped and trained to lash out against his native country, Liberia.

What is more intriguing is the fact that Charles Taylor had been incarcerated in the U.S., and miraculously found his way out of an American jail into this part of the world.

Man Ivory Coast

Man, Ivory Coast

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