Aburi Botanical Gardens, Aburi, Ghana

An old helicopter in Aburi botanical garden

Image by Erik Cleves Kristensen via Flickr

The Aburi gardens  are located on a hill in the Akwapim mountains, an hour drive from the capital of Accra.

Imposing, over 100 years old … Bombax  tree  (picture below)

Aburi  spreads over a relatively small strip of land immediately west of the main Accra-Koforidua Road, and set amongst lush green mountain landscape. One can reach Aburi via Accra-Koforidua Road.

The town’s principle tourist attraction is undoubtedly the Aburi Botanical Gardens. Located immediately north of the town limits, the Aburi Botanical Gardens has a history dating back to 1890, and in it’s history has seen many great VIPs visit it’s impressive grounds, both from Ghana & abroad.

Ghanaian Heads Of State such as General I.K. Acheampong, Lieutenant-General F.W.K. Akuffo, and Flight-Lieutenant J.J. Rawlings, have all planted trees on the grounds, as have such figures as Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles of Great Britain, President Nicolae Ceauşescu of Romania, and President Pál Losonczi of Hungary.


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