Ghana, Brong Ahafo Region

During one day we visited Fuller Falls, a water fall with breath – taking beauty.

Its cascades, surrounded by tropical, lush and green rain forest, its secludedness makes it mystical.  If it was not for the individual, a British Colonial who gave the Falls their name, they would not have gained popularity.

Trees (Tsuga heterophylla) and roots in Hoh Ra...

Image via Wikipedia

Tropical forest near Ho

Tucked away between rocks, dense forest radiates serenity and tranquilityamong those who visit the Falls.

Its lower arm river flows through the Rain forest
and finds its way into the Black Volta a day journey later.

Here are some pictures …

Let the calm and unspoiled nature, far away from Tourist hordes, invigorate your mind and soul.

Since time and memorial the Falls have served as a recluse for those seeking peace and god.


Brong Ahafo

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