We like wordpress for its effectiveness and user friendliness

WordPress blog ins and outs


WordPress is still my favorite blog platform. I have several blogs running on Joomla as well as one just started on Drupal.

On Joomla I must say I got quiet a shock to note the upgrading of your software is not for everyone. Different versions could not be upgraded at the time, however I must add I did not follow the upgrades for quiet some time.

When it came to upgrading joomla 1.5 to 3.0 it created havoc. As a result our old blog which attracted numerous daily visitors went down. Traffic generation from joomla is generally good.

It is our second attempt, and our last. We do not have the time to take care of every instance on how to service joomla.

Drupal is still new, though I must say it shows some potential. I met a few bloggers who swear by Drupal. We still must watch before going into Drupal full scale.


Good old wordpress


Almost an icon in blogging one might say. Millions use it, and not without reason. Matt would be glad to read, or not, however we feel wordpress is the right platform for everyone, the tech savvy – and those not.

For good reasons such as

  • Choice of Themes – en masse
  • Plugin availability
  • Ease of installation
  • User friendliness

That leaves us with security.

As of writing one of our sub blogs is down today. I noticed lots of strange IPS from Ukraine, UK, Turkey, China, attempting to log in into our blog. This has been going on for weeks now.

( We dare say our passwords are good, our logins are so odd, it would be a tough thing to get into our blog )

That leaves you with the possibility of an DDoS attack. I am afraid should this happen it would not be easy to fend it off.

Another feature I employed is server based. Our server uses Apache and has some simple security you ca apply too to stop intruders.

If I notice unusual traffic from a particular ip I block the IP from accessing our site.


Still figuring out


What makes these guys hack into other peoples website .. Ok the try to black mail individuals or celebrities, but an unknown person ? … Na I don’t get it somehow.

Did you know this blog originally ran on Microsoft spaces ? It was changed to wordpress after spaces closed down.

So some of our old posts may not link anymore. Frankly I did not have the time to check them out.




WordPress has just announced that google became a target from hackers.. They published the passwords of some 5 Million gmail accounts… Take that.

First thing first. Change your password regularly, don’t wait. I had some hackers gone into my email from Italy, even made out the IP address. No harm done except some useless emails read.

I am more and more convinced there is no real security on the web. Once you know this, act accordingly. Be careful. Stay away from unsolicited mail.

Keep you machine clean. We found to keep it free from bugs it isn’t enough to install an antivirus program. we all knew that, right ?

Best Anti spy ware I found : Anti Malware. It’s free and it gets bugs others don’t get. For example Spybot. Spybot is huge, its file and registry base is a mammoth, yet it did not prevent bugs to be installed.

One source I trust and read :  NAKED SECURITY



Did you notice the flickering ANDROID BUTTON on the Top right sidebar ? if you haven’t seen it here it is again :

We wrote about the AFRICASIAEURO ANDROID APP on Linkedin

Our best


( Stay safe on the web )





Observations from Tibet: Part 2 Chinese rule


Dream of Shangrila: journey to Autonomous Region Gharze ( II )

Surely, Tibet was taken over by the Chinese government back in 1950, when most of us weren’t even alive. It was at the height of the cold war. Most of those who dare to comment on it are simply unqualified to do so, so we leave this to the ‘ experts ‘ on Tibet.
Tibetans worship the Dalai Lama, and nothing has so changed during the past 60 years. The Dalai Lama is now a sponsored Religious leader who fights for the rights of Tibet to become independent. I like his wisdom and generally respect his ideology.
Whilst the Chinese government follows a path of silencing dissent in Tibet, there are certain western organizations operating as N.G.O.s in Tibet – who have been granted licenses by the Chinese government.
Such organizations under the name of ‘..’.aid actively help exiled Tibetans to slip back into Tibet from their exiles to create dissent and fuel ethnic and other clashes.
The Chinese however crack down heavily on such troublemakers. Let us not forget what Western governments do if their government is being attacked. The Western democracy who calls the Norms of all Western governments at the first place cracks down with vehemence on dissent of their own citizens.
I have met Tibetans and lived with them in Tibet. They are some of the kindest people on earth, their state of mind influenced by their religious believe which basically believes in the good. Reincarnation basically means those who live a good life will return as good creatures to the world.
All homes I stayed in portray the image of the Dalai Lama, though it is forbidden by law to do so. Tibetan society has changed much over the years. I stayed with a family of educators, who teach in a local Tibetan school.
Their siblings earn a degree at the political university in Beijing, and they will return to Tibet to teach what they learned in their Chinese taught university.
And this is the norm, not the exception as I was able to see for myself, as all Tibetan students study in Chinese universities.
Do not assume for one moment – nor have the illusion – China will give up Tibet. they make all efforts to improve the living standards of Tibetan people, and this is not from hearsay.
Anyone who contradicts this statement has never been in Tibet. And I mean not a visit of 1 week, which simply would not be enough to judge.
I met Chinese security agents of Tibetan descend interacting in my hosts home. Free movement within non security areas is no issue and all can be taken for granted, as long as one does not engage in activities directed against the government. Which is what the western government who claims to be the highest authority on human rights practices itself.
Tibetan ethnic people are entrepreneurs who run businesses of all kind, they operate again under same conditions and in the same framework of their counterparts elsewhere in the world.
I never understand the cries for human rights, however ill motivated they are, in the western world. Surely, Tibet is a country with immense natural resources, the prime reason why western governments would like to get their hands on it.
With Chinese domination however this task is futile,to say the least. In one encounter I literally counted a column of 100 trucks carrying military personnel. This is it, the military presence in Tibet is so strong that no country can afford a venture to ” liberate ” Tibet, a term used by those with very questionable agendas.
And so it will be, like it or not : Tibet will prosper under Chinese rules, Tibetans may prefer to be governed by a Chinese government rather than a western dominated government who do not understand their real background and needs.
Whichever side you are on, let me say this from a fair point of view : No one can change this pattern or status quo.
You either live with it just like Millions of American natives do or …
My advice is to live with it. Most Tibetans do and they are good doing so. They do not need 3 cars, private planes, and yachts in Tibet. They have their houses, homes, apartments. And are happier with simple amenities, and enjoy life within their groups and family.


Originally posted on China Daily Mail:

Tibet Map

Tibet Map

The Chinese invaded Tibet in 1950 with the Dali Lama fleeing in 1959: I am not going to go into the rights and wrongs of China‘s involvement in Tibet other than to state the Chinese have had cultural and political links with the area for centuries. As the post implies these are observations from my recent trip.

On my first trip to China I was struck by the extent American companies had penetrated the domestic market. Mcdonalds, KFCPepsi, Coke and many other Western brand names were everywhere you looked. In subsequent trips, its seemed to me, that capitalism and the accumulation of money was the new mind-set of the Chinese people and its Government.

I have never felt the communist bogey-man looking over my shoulder at any time during my visits there; sure there were armed soldiers at the entrances to what appeared…

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Analyzing the Public Outrage at the Delhi Bus Rape Inspired Fashion Shoot


We certainly need to address this problem on all levels – irrespective of culture, location and origin. Everyone is appalled by the news coming out of India.
We are shocked to learn the total savagery of attacks carried out against women and the total inadequacy of law enforcement agencies who ought to prevent such incidents.
The whole world is watching how Indian authorities deal with this problem.



Raj Shetye’s fashion photo shoot (see below), which appears to be motivated by the brutal 2012 gang rape and assault on a woman on a Delhi bus, has angered many in India and around the world.

click hereIn an interview with The Voice of the Cape (South Africa), the 50 Million Missing founder, Rita Banerji explains why she is not surprised by Shetye’s project. However Rita also says, it is equally important to analyze the public rage and question what it really represents. She observes that rape seems to touch a public nerve in India in a way that no other form of lethal violence on women or girls does, and goes on to discuss why this is because it’s still seen through a prism that views women as sexual resources owned by men. Synopsis below [To hear the full 15 min. interview click on the box above].

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Herb and Spice of the Week – Annatto


Annatto – Spice of the week

Originally posted on My Meals are on Wheels:

Open fruit of the achiote tree

Open fruit of the achiote tree

Annatto, sometimes called roucou or achiote, is derived from the seeds of the achiote trees of tropical and subtropical regions around the world. The seeds are sourced to produce a carotenoid-based yellow to orange food coloring and flavor. Its scent is described as “slightly peppery with a hint of nutmeg” and flavor as “slightly nutty, sweet and peppery”.
In commercial processing, annatto coloring is extracted from the reddish pericarp which surrounds the seed of the achiote (Bixa orellana L.). Historically, it has been used as coloring in many cheeses (e.g., Cheddar, Gloucester, Red Leicester), cheese products (e.g. American cheese, Velveeta), and dairy spreads (e.g. butter, margarine). Annatto can also be used to color a number of non-dairy foods such as rice, custard powder, baked goods, seasonings, processed potatoes, snack foods, breakfast cereals and smoked fish. It has been linked to cases of food-related allergies.

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Wenn eine Mikrowelle läuft, sollten Sie das Weite suchen


Thought I d share this with you.
You can easy translate with google, but here so much :
‘ When a microwave is on, you should get far away ‘ …
I never liked it right from the start, never bought one too.
Imagine all those who didn’t know and eat their food, daily, warmed with the machine. Imagine ..

Originally posted on PRAVDA TV - Live The Rebellion:


Jeder auf der Welt weiß, dass Mikrowellenherde das Essen bestrahlen, Nährstoffe vernichten und gesundheitsschädlich sind – doch die meisten nehmen das der Bequemlichkeit halber in Kauf.

In 90 Prozent der Haushalte in den USA und weltweit und in fast allen »Hinterzimmern« von Büros findet sich deshalb eine »Mikro« (Strahlenofen). Eine Mikrowelle zu besitzen, ist fast genauso alltäglich wie der Besitz eines Fernsehgeräts.

Kaum jemand weiß, dass sich Metalle im Körper, beispielsweise Zahnfüllungen, aus-dehnen und zu chronischen Schmerzen und Schädigungen führen können, an die niemand denkt, auch die Ärzte nicht. Und wenn sich diese Metalle ausdehnen, können sie Giftstoffe wie Quecksilber freisetzen und ins Blut abgeben. Das sollte nachdenklich machen.

Wo stehen Sie, wenn etwas in der Mikrowelle gart? Wie nahe sind Sie dem Gerät? Warten Sie die letzten 20 bis 30 Sekunden direkt vor der Tür, um sie zu öffnen, als wäre das Gerät sicher, solange die Tür geschlossen ist?…

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